Bee, Hornet, Wasp & Yellow Jacket 

There are over 20,000 different species of bees in the world and they are  amazing insects that are most beneficial to pollinating plants, crops and trees.  When buzzing around your door, home, roof-line, apartment building, business or burrowing into your foundation - bees should be safely removed or exterminated by our professional team.

Whether you have a problem with bees or wasps, Bugg's Murphy will carefully remove them from your property. Much like ants, different species of bees and wasps have various nesting habits and identifying behaviors that become critical in determining how to effectively inhibit their return.

Common Bees in our Cleveland Area

Common ground nesting bees in the Cleveland area include: Long horned bee, Mining bee, Squash bee, Sweat bee and the Bumble bee. Honey Bees make their colonies in artificial hives, in the open and in cavities while the Large Carpenter Bees usually nest in wood, like the eaves. Other Cleveland area bees include the Mason bee and Leaf cutting bee (both nesting in above-ground, pre-existing holes) as well as the Small carpenter bee that nests in twigs and stems.

Common Wasps in our Cleveland Area - Yellow Jackets & Hornets

Wasps are not bees, although even we tend to lump them into the same category. There are some 30,000 different species of wasps (not all in Northeast Ohio) and include yellow jackets and hornets.  The paper nests you find in the roof line, the eaves, behind the shutters, under decks and off yard debris all belong to wasps - either paper wasps, yellow jackets or hornets most likely. The longer the nests go unchecked, the larger their nests get and the more difficult it is to remove the wasps on your own.  Many wasps, like the bald faced hornet, can sting multiple times when they feel threatened so dealing with a large nest on your own could be very harmful.

Wasps common to Cleveland include the Paper Wasp (Northern Paper Wasp & European Paper Wasp), Yellow Jackets (Eastern Yellow Jacket), Hornets (Bald-faced Hornet & European Hornet), Crabronid Wasps (Cicada Killer, Stink Bug Hunter, Pipe Organ Mud Dauber) the black-and-yellow Mud Dauber, Blue Mud Dauber, Great Black Wasp, Thread-waisted Wasp, and Spider Wasp.

Learn more at this Insect Identification page and call us to help identify and remove whatever bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket or other flying insect has invaded your home or business. Whenever possible, we find beekeepers to place bees in a hive so that they can continue to pollinate Northeast Ohio!

Leave It to The Professionals

If you have a problem with pests in your home or business, the best thing to do is contact Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control & Extermination

You see extermination products at most local hardware stores, big box stores and  many of them are more toxic and less effective. Call us to safely, professionally eliminate the first time.

Three Month Guarantee on Extermination and Pest Control

Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating stand by our application for 3 months. If you see signs of the pest returning, or not properly being exterminated within 3 months, we come back and treat again at no cost.

Located in Berea, Ohio our exterminator and pest control crew services Strongsville, N. Ridgeville, Columbia Station, Olmsted Falls, N. Olmsted, Westlake, Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village, Rocky River, Fairview Park and the west side suburbs of Cleveland - including Cleveland.  If you're not sure whether you're in our service area, just give us a call - we may be on a job out your way. 

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