Bed Bug Exterminator ClevelandAs a Cleveland bed bug exterminator we can attest that bed bugs are not easy for the average home owner or business to eradicate. And as pest control experts ourselves, it probably comes to no surprise that we recommend you call a pest control expert once you’ve found a bed bug infestation but the news gets even more complicated.

Study Shows Bed Bugs More Resistant

A recent study published in the Journal of Economic Entomology in article “Detection of Reduced Susceptibility to Chlorfenapyr- and Bifenthrin-Containing Products in Field Populations of the Bed Bug” found that bed bugs have started to show significant resistance to many over the counter pesticides, insecticides and common methods of treating for bed bug infestations.  In the study scientists tested 10 infestations of bed bugs in Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington, measured the number of bugs killed within seven days of exposure to the insecticides tested and found that in populations where more than 25 per cent of the bugs survived they were deemed to be developing a resistance.

Choosing a Bed Bug Exterminator

What this means for you, if you have bed bugs, is that it’s even more important to choose an effective extermination and pest control company to eliminate, or exterminate, your bed bugs.  It’s up to the pest control expert to stay educated on pest resistance to insecticides, pesticides and current methods of treatment.  At Bugg’s Murphy Professional Extermination we attend hours of continuing education, subscribe to industry journals and evolve our extermination and pest control methods to stay ahead of the pests.

If you have bed bugs, especially with the evidence of bed bug resistance to to chlorfenapyr- and bifenthrin-containing products, using the do-it-yourself approach, or choosing an ill-equipped exterminator, will likely not be effective in eliminating your bed bug infestation.  Call us  today to eliminate them for once and for all!

Bed Bugs – Why They Have to be Treated Professionally