Cleveland Mosquito Treatments & Pest Control

Did you know many municipalities in our Cleveland area, restaurants, golf courses, apartment buildings, and other businesses use mosquito control services? Ever wonder why it seems you can play a round of golf, go to the local park and out to eat without being bothered by mosquitoes but when you sit in your backyard or walk your property they seem to be swarming?  It's because since the outbreak of West Nile Virus and now with the scare of the Zika Virus, most businesses and public green spaces run by your local municipality use mosquito treatments provided by a mosquito control service like the one Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminators provides.

Special Event Mosquito Fogging & Ground Treatment

So if you want to get rid of mosquitoes for that special event or  your home or business is a large breeding grounds for mosquitoes that would be better enjoyed without the mosquito bites this year, take advantage of our mosquito treatments, you will be amazed you didn't do it sooner.  

The prescription for your mosquito control service will depend on the size of the property, area to be treated, whether you want a one time mosquito fog treatment for a special occasion or reoccurring mosquito sprays throughout the mosquito season - a more comprehensive mosquito control program for businesses, restaurants, golf courses, etc.  The mosquito control and elimination products used at Bugg's Murphy evolves as new advances in mosquito control become more effective, more pet-friendly and kills more species of insects.  Typically a special occasion mosquito fog or treatment will use a chemical that kills mosquitoes on contact while a barrier spray for continuous control may take up to 24 hours to eradicate the area's mosquitoes.  For the most effective control and elimination of your mosquito population it's critical to plan in advance.  You wouldn't want guests arriving at your special event if the area was treated minutes before and without scheduling your mosquito treatments regularly, you could get an infestation quickly. 

Eliminate mosquitoes at your Cleveland area home, business or special event this year by contacting Bugg's Murphy for the ultimate mosquito control solution.

Located in Berea, Ohio our exterminator and pest control crew services Strongsville, N. Ridgeville, Columbia Station, Olmsted Falls, N. Olmsted, Westlake, Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village, Rocky River, Fairview Park and the west side suburbs of Cleveland - including Cleveland.  If you're not sure whether you're in our service area, just give us a call - we may be on a job out your way. We have a number of clients in the Port Clinton, Put-in-Bay and Lake Erie Island area as well as a handful in Garretsville, Ohio - so you never know if we may be on an extermination or pest control job near you.