Flea, Tick & Mosquito Control in Cleveland


So what's worse than having a wedding, family reunion or graduation party and getting over-run with mosquitoes? Having your pets bring in ticks, or even worse - fleas that take up residence in your home in a major infestation overnight!  At Bugg's Murphy Professional Extermination whatever your issue is with fleas, ticks or mosquitoes - you're suffering from a flea infestation in the house, you have a party coming up and want it mosquito-free or you want some extra protection with a lawn treatment to eliminate fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, we have the solution!  Whether it's an interior extermination job, an exterior pest control job, or a one-time mosquito fog or barrier spray for a special event, contact your locally owned and operated exterminator, Tom Murphy of Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating company with over 24 years experience, licensed and insured.

Tick, Flea & Mosquito Pest Control in Cleveland

We grouped fleas, ticks and mosquitoes together because although only the mosquito can fly, all three of these pests are out for blood - making them most likely to spread disease to pets, as well as humans.  Typically when we refer to rodents as disease spreaders, it's the fleas on the rodents that do the most work to spread disease, so any problem with ticks, fleas or mosquitoes at your home, grounds or business is best to be taken care of with professional-grade commercial insecticides and pesticides that are only applied by a professional exterminator like Bugg's Murphy.

With the proper pest control and extermination methods implemented by Bugg's Murphy, locally owned and operated in the Cleveland area, licensed and insured for over 24 years, you can eliminate all the blood-sucking pests from your property this year!  Contact Tom Murphy, owner and operator of Bugg's Murphy, and his staff to schedule a free consultation and pest control or extermination estimate. 

Treatments for Mosquito, Flea and Tick Control

Pest control and extermination treatments are custom-tailored to your infestation, type of pest and objective. The difference in pest control applications and treatments to rid an outdoor park of mosquitoes for a wedding or family reunion will be much different than a restaurant treating to keep rodents and roaches from taking up residence.  The process at Bugg's Murphy is simple: first, we talk on the phone to determine the size of the area, whether it's a one time extermination or ongoing pest control treatment, identify what type of infestation or pest control situation you have and give you a free estimate for the services you'll need to be pest-free.  Once you've determined to work with Bugg's Murphy, a local company that prides itself on reputation and relationships, we schedule a time to perform pest control services and tell you if there's any preparation needed for the site.  After we've treated, if you see any sign of the pest we eliminated for thirty days - we come back and treat for free! 

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