Pet Friendly Exterminator Cleveland

Pet-Friendly Pest Control

Do you have pests and pets?  Seeing as many pests, especially rodents, fleas and ticks, can cause substantial health concerns for pets it's a good idea to exterminate and treat for pests to protect your pet.  However, many treatments can

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Cleveland exterminator lawn treatment

Ground Treatments

Exterior Pest Control Treatments for Crack, Crevice and Spot ApplicationsAs a licensed and insured commercial pesticides applicator Bugg's Murphy uses more effective pest control treatments than are typically available to the normal consumer for purchase at your local hardware stores.  The

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Tick Exterminator & Pest Control in Cleveland

Much like the mosquitoes and fleas that infest our yards and pets, the ticks are out for blood as well. The difference is fleas and ticks can't fly so mosquitoes get more attention as our most hated blood-suckers. However, ticks transmit a large number of diseases in North America including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, relapsing fever, ehrlichiosis, tularemia and tick paralysis. It is important for the health of your pet, as well as the safety of your family, to include ticks in your pet’s year-round parasite control program.

And with the proper pest control and extermination methods implemented by Bugg's Murphy, your Cleveland area exterminator and pest control company, our tick extermination and pest control treatments eliminate other pests your pet could be bringing in - like fleas! Contact Tom Murphy, owner and operator of Bugg's Murphy, and his staff to schedule a free consultation and pest control or extermination estimate. 

Tick Control - Lawn Treatment for Pests

If you're fed-up with picking ticks off the dog, you have a large yard that is known to yield ticks and don't want them on you or your guests, you're in luck!  Bugg's Murphy, local Cleveland area exterminator and pest control professionals, have been applying pest control products to lawns and grounds throughout the Cleveland area for over 24 years with tremendous success eliminating the risk of ticks with ground treatments.  What's even better is that the treatments we use at Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating eliminate more than ticks!  

Imagine a pest control treatment that keeps ticks from the pets as well as other outdoor ground insects, worms and grubs from destroying the grass!  For more information on our granular ground control treatments go to our Ground Treatments page, or better yet - just give us a call, tell us about your pest control needs and we'll give you a quick answer or estimate over the phone.

Thirty Day Guarantee on Pest Control Treatments

At Bugg's Murphy we have been in business for over 24 years because of the quality we deliver in extermination and pest control services.  Not only do we research, attend ongoing education regarding the changes in pest control applications and their effectiveness, but we truly care that when a client hires us to exterminate a pest, that it's gone.  That's why we provide a thirty day guarantee on our extermination and pest control services. 

Cleveland Bee Exterminator

Ants, Spiders & Bees

Cleveland Area Exterminator for Ants, Spiders and Bees At Bugg's Murphy we do NOT love pests but we do love what we do - eliminating your home or business of the pests that invade. We put ants, spiders and bees on

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Cleveland Cockroach Exterminator

Bed Bugs, Roaches & Termites

Bed Bugs, Cockroaches & Termites ExterminatorWe grouped bed bugs, cockroaches and termites because no other pests can do as much damage to a home or business and be as difficult to exterminate for the average home or business in the Cleveland area.  Although

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Mouse Rat Exterminator Cleveland

Rodent Control

Mouse and Rat Rodent Control in ClevelandMice and rats can wreak havoc in our Cleveland area homes and businesses, causing health concerns, damaging electrical wiring, ductwork and bringing with their rodent infestations bothersome noises, odor and waste.  Although a small house

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