Stink Bugs, Ladybugs & Beetles Exterminator

Stink bugs, lady bugs and beetles can be a nuisance in the Cleveland area once they start entering the home or business.  Although they all play a roll in helping nature, they don't do anything to help inside our houses and commercial buildings. Their infestations are also very cyclical - seeming to be worse some years than others, so although you will want to exterminate them if they're a nuisance in your home or building, it doesn't always make sense to treat for their return each year.

For over 24 years Tom Murphy and the crew of Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating have been exterminating ladybugs, stink bugs and beetles throughout the Cleveland area from their office in Berea, Ohio. Contact Bugg's Murphy today to solve your problems with ladybugs, stink bugs and beetles at your home or commercial building. If you have a problem with ladybugs, stink bugs and beetles at your home or business we will eliminate the infestation with our exterminator services and pest control services.

Cleveland Ladybug Exterminator

If you grew up in Cleveland, or its suburbs, you likely have found childhood memories of ladybugs. It was good luck if one landed on you and then you could make a wish, close your eyes and blow the lady bug away - presumably to grant your childhood wish.  But now as homeowners and business owners some years it feels like all we wish for is to never see another ladybug infestation.  Although they usually do not lay their eggs indoors, they are beneficial for gardens and are not known to carry disease, they do hibernate in homes in very large numbers, leave behind a trail of pheromones to keep them returning year after year, and when they're agitated they produce a stinky yellow substance that stains.

Have a problem with ladybugs in your Cleveland area home or business?  It's most likely the Asian Ladybug, also called the Asian lady beetle, which are more orange and black than the bright red ladybugs you may have made a wish on as a child.  Unlike other species of ladybugs that find natural crevices for hibernation in the fall, the Asian lady beetle gains entry to our homes and buildings through even the smallest crevices, can be seen sporadically inside during the fall as they find their perfect spot to shelter and then in large numbers again in the spring (mostly around your window sills as they try to get back outside).  Although they don't cause direct harm to people, they are known to contribute to indoor allergies and can be very messy.

So if you have a ladybug infestation, contact Bugg's Murphy for extermination and pest control.

Stink Bug Exterminator & Pest Control in Cleveland

Like the Asian ladybug, another pest introduced by Asia that has quickly become a nuisance here in the Cleveland area is the stink bug, or Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB). Also like the ladybug, the stink bug does not lay eggs inside but comes in through crevices in your home or building to stay warm when the temperatures drop.  Stink bugs squeeze through the tiniest openings:  holes in window screens, the small space between a window screen and window, the space around window-unit air conditioners, vents, outdoor electrical outlets, chimneys, door thresholds, etc. Unlike cockroaches, that avoid the light, stink bugs are actually attracted to it and may be found closest to a light source once they've found their way inside your building - however using a light zapper will only attract more and overwhelm you with the smell of dead stink bugs (thus their name).

Killing stink bugs can be simple if you just have one or two, but there are definitely a few things to avoid.  If you have a lot of stink bugs, or other pests invading the home, Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating has methods for exterminating all your pests with the best in pest control treatments. Here are some simple tips for killing stink bugs

  • Don't crush the stink bug.  It will stink.
  • Don't vacuum up the stink bug, unless you have a nasty vacuum cleaner designated for bugs (in which case you should call Bugg's Murphy because it's time for pest control). The dead stink bugs will get odor throughout the interior mechanisms of your vacuum cleaner that can not be removed - leaving your vacuum foul forever.
  • Do wrap them in toilet paper and flush them - no odor and no mess.
  • If the stink bugs are in the office and you can't have employees bringing them to the toilet every 10 minutes, use jars filled with water and some dish soap. Flick the stink bugs in the jar. The soap helps the water to penetrate faster and the stink bug should die within a few minutes without emitting that nasty odor.

For help eliminating stink bugs from your home or building contact Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating company for the best in pest control and exterminator services.


Cleveland's Beetle Exterminator


Unfortunately beetles, like all other insects and pests we exterminate, do not exactly adhere to state borders and can be easily transported where they set up colonies and infestations in areas they weren't thought of to be native to before.  At this time there are almost 70 different beetle species commonly found in Ohio, but rest assured - most of them have no interest in living in your home or building. If you have a problem with beetles in your home or building it's likely the Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle (discussed under the ladybug section), Japanese Beetle, June Beetles (June Bugs) or Carpet Beetles - all known to be pests in our Cleveland area and all effectively exterminated by Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating company with our premium pest control services.

Each of these beetles cause different types of damage to a home owner or business.  While the lady bugs are just a nuisance and don't cause much damage aside from the potential spread of indoor allergies, both the June bug and Japanese beetle can cause serious destruction to lawns as their larvae, or grubs, feed on your grass roots while the carpet beetle causes damage to clothing, furniture and household materials. 

Whether you have a carpet beetle infestation, an issue with June bugs, Japanese beetles, grubs, ladybugs or any other pest in your home or building, the exterminators of Bugg's Murphy will eliminate your pests with their extermination and pest control services. Contact Tom  Murphy of Bugg's Murphy Professional Exterminating today to take advantage of his over 24 years of experience in the Cleveland area ridding homes and businesses of many types of pests and infestations.