Do you have pests and pets?  Seeing as many pests, especially rodents, fleas and ticks, can cause substantial health concerns for pets it's a good idea to exterminate and treat for pests to protect your pet.  However, many treatments can be harmful to pets and if your exterminator or pest control company doesn't give you all the details and instructions, treating for your pests may be putting your pets in harm's way.


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Safe, Low-toxic, Pet-friendly Pest Control Treatments

Not all of our extermination and pest control options are safe for pets right away, but we do use treatments that never expose your pets to toxins.  Tell us about your situation and we can tailor a pest control program with your pets in mind.  We offer a variety of safe, low-toxic pest control alternatives which are effective in killing small insects, but pose no threat to pets or people.

Pet Precautions in Pest Control

Whether you have family members that are furry and feathery, or slither and swim, Bugg's Murphy's policy is to first identify your pets - fish, gerbils, cats, dogs, turtles, etc and then take precautions during extermination and pest control treatments like covering cages, aquariums, removing pet food and drink bowls, pet toys, pet beds and more.  There's no reason to put your pet in danger with exposure to chemicals that can be avoided and because we understand a pet is as important as all the other inhabitants of your home or building, we work with you to make sure eliminating pests doesn't hurt your pets.

Dangerous Pests for Furry Pets

Without the proper pest control activities you could be exposing your pets to pests that can cause discomfort, disease and even death.  Ask your veterinarian for more information.

  1. Fleas: We all know that there are many flea-borne diseases that can infect your cat or dog as fleas feed on your pet's blood.  Consider a flea treatment around the perimeter of the house, inside the dog house, around your pet's favorite outdoor hang-outs and other exterior structures.
  2. Ticks: Much like fleas, ticks have a number of tick-borne diseases and can spread Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis as they feast on your pet's blood. Just like an exterior treatment that controls fleas, Bugg's Murphy offers the same treatment that eliminates ticks.
  3. Fire Ants: When fire ants are swarming a smaller dog or cat can easily agitate these ants and get bit hundreds of times, leaving their stings in your furry friend - which can be fatal for smaller pets.  Consider a granular lawn treatment and perimeter spray that will eliminate fleas, ticks and fire ants.
  4. Mosquitoes: As much as us humans hate mosquito bites and the itchy bump that can linger for days or weeks, these flying insects can be even more harmful to your pets giving them heartwarm.  Proper mosquito control can reduce the risk of your pet becoming infected with health issues from these pests.
  5. Rodents: Rats can be responsible for six diseases in dogs through contaminating their food, ingestion of rat urine or feces and the rat scratch or bite.  These rat-transmitted diseases include the plague (rare but occasional), roundworm parasite, rabbit fever, or tularemia (fatal to dogs), rat bite fever, leptospirosis (deadly) and toxoplasmosis (can be fatal). Although not all these diseases are fatal, if you have pets and see a mouse or rat in your home, consider rodent exterminating immediately.
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